The Fox at Dawn

8/17/19 Saturday morning on the hilltop of St. Joe’s
August 17, 2019, 10:35 pm
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God bless the young rabbit 
with the early morning sun 
shining through its ears.
God bless the chimney swifts and mourning doves, 
the adolescent robins 
careening from branch to branch.
God bless the red tailed hawk
enduring the harangue 
of the self righteous jay.
God bless the fox who knows
the back way,
slipping safely home.
God bless the runners 
(god knows why they run),
moving as one down the empty street.
God bless the orphans 
waking up to their free morning,
the caregivers who planned for it all week.
God bless the thirsty grass, 
The parched trees and shrubs,
the flowers that bloom anyway.
God bless the old dogs 
with their busted knees
and their young hearts.
And God bless the mother
who dallies on the hilltop
for a moment, just a moment
before launching into a list of chores
that would bury a regiment.

A postcard I made this morning to send to someone in Germany.
Another Saturday morning dalliance.

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