The Fox at Dawn

January 16th -19th
January 21, 2019, 1:43 pm
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Because her labs are now good, the insurance company wants to send her home. As if it’s a broken arm that visibly heals. Yep, not broken anymore, you’re well now, go home. Well, no. Not yet. So the battle begins, continues, on and on and on.

This weekend was Family Weekend at the treatment center. Friday’s presentation was on the medical complications of eating disorders. The kind of information you can only look at though a mirror or you’ll be turned to stone.

If EDie knocks on your door, do not let her in if you can prevent it. But she may slip in when you’re trying to get the cat in, you might not even notice her. At first she looks small and innocent, if you happen to see her flit from shadow to shadow. But in the darkness she grows and when she at last reveals herself, her power is almost absolute and her aim is destruction. She will fight you with everything she has for control of your child.

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