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January 4th & 5th
January 5, 2019, 8:11 pm
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A hard hard very hard couple of days.

My dear daughter has an eating disorder. Today I left her at a treatment facility where she will live for a while and get the help she needs. I am back home without her.

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Thinking of you, Loren. And sending both of you support, light and good energy.

Comment by kim

Thank you Kim, that is lovely and much appreciated.

Comment by Loren Crawford

So we all live with hope and determination to never give up. iI is hard to see you two go thru this, but you are always there for her and love will get you thru. It must be so difficult!

Comment by Jen Grove

How completely frightening this must be for you Loren! It sure seems like treatment for the disorders has become very successful over the past yrs- praying that her path to recovery is quickly found. I self-treat my own eating disorder (didn’t help one bit, of course) by becoming a dietitian, and can share that an early intervention would have made such a BIG difference in my life. You are so brave & such a very good mother to help make her life path more solid ❤️

Comment by Karen Graham

Thanks for sharing this Karen. I am grateful that there are doctors and clinics that specialize in this insidious illness. Not a lot of them, and we had to go out of state for the resident treatment, 24 hour care, but they do exist. And McCallum Place in ST. Louis seems like a very good one. They have resident treatment for both adolescents and adults. And they are in our health insurance network, thank the good sweet lord, or else it would not have been possible. So I am feeling very lucky, a welcomed thing after such a wretched autumn. Much love to you Karen, living with the illness takes mountains of daily courage.

Comment by Loren Crawford

Thankful you found a good fit for Jess and praise God it is somewhere in your insurance network. You are a strong person and I am holding you both in my thoughts and prayers.

Comment by Carol Buikema

Thank you Carol, that is much appreciated.

Comment by Loren Crawford

Sending love and strength to you down at the other end of the street.

Comment by Jana McNally

Love you both more than I can express.

Comment by florence lee wescott


You have a large and strong support system hear to hold you. Hang in there, Jess is getting help – and that is key. Be kind to yourself, now. 🌺

– gracia

Comment by Gracia Huntington

Loren, I am so sorry you are going thru this. My mother too went thru this with me! I still feel bad for putting her thru this. Once I got treatment and realized that this is a very serious thing, I learned a whole lot of life lessons. I pray you get comfort each day knowing you are doing the right thing and hopefully, Jess will come thru this having learned a lot of other good life lessons and be even stronger.

Comment by Kristan Schmidt

Thank you so much for this Kristan. Boy, you just never know what turn life is going to take and where it may lead you, despite all your best laid plans.

Comment by Loren Crawford

Oh Loren I’m so sorry….. I have been through this with a couple of my students as well as a family member. And with treatment they are all doing well- there is hope and light at the end of the tunnel. Stay strong- you did the right thing. Sending hugs!

Comment by Catherine Warner

Hi, Loren. I am thinking about you and Jess. I have to echo what one commenter said: I self-treated an eating disorder in high school and, twenty years later after getting professional help, finally kicked it. You are doing your daughter the kindest thing you can. She will have a different life because you have intervened while she is young and can hopefully deal with this now. She is lucky to have such a caring, loving mother.

Comment by Carolyn Cromer

Thank you for sharing this Carolyn. This is not a journey I ever thought to make, but I am already finding many angels along the way. Thanks for being one of them.

Comment by Loren Crawford

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