The Fox at Dawn

A Book of Days

Writing and visual art, are my paths to re-creation. It’s my way of restoring, moving forward, loving the journey.

Some of the art is available here:

However roughly the day treats you, remember- You saw the fox at dawn.

–      Loren Lee Crawford

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and I saw an eagle on the way home in the evening.

Comment by Thelma Sammie Wakefield


Comment by Loren Crawford

Wonder if there are enough foxes for rude days.

Comment by Dory Hudspeth

Wonderful news for all who enjoy your words and pictures.

Comment by Martha Pardee

Thanks Smash!

Comment by Loren Crawford

Cannot wait to follow your blog! I admire your creativity. Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season.

Comment by Louise Allen

You too Louise- Hope to see you soon!

Comment by Loren Crawford

Iā€™m so happy here!!! šŸ™šŸ’œ

Comment by Gigi

Thanks Gigi!

Comment by Loren Crawford

Karah Tull

Comment by laceybone

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